Clearly a flawless system.

The Snarf and Derp SystemEdit

The Snarf and Derp system is a system invented to be used in Video Games AWESOME! live streams.

Both words are used to show if someone is telling the truth about something that is needed to progress in the game or will happen in the game, or if they are just guessing.

When someone says something that isn't true, but adds snarf to it, it is a false snarf. False snarfs are looked down upon, especially by Becky Blow. The snarfs have become almost none existent now since they have trusted mods. Snarfs are a rare occurrence in the chat and on the show since people who want to be notice abused the snarfs. Although rarely used, Snarfs and Derps were and are still part of Video Games AWESOME! live streams.

How the system worksEdit

Snarf is used when someone is telling the truth. If someone is talking about something they know happens in the game, that is a snarf.

Derp is used if someone is just guessing. They aren't sure if it is true or not.

A false snarf is when someone either tells a lie or says something they think is true, but actually isn't and says snarf instead of derp. These are looked down upon.

Derp and Snarf was first used in Arkham Asylum is Awesome - Part 12(This might not be true).

Origin of SnarfEdit

Snarf originally comes from the animated television series Thundercats. It is the catchphrase of the character Snarf. Impersonations of Snarf happen a lot on Video Games AWESOME! shows.