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Thumbnail for the Giant World build tour.

Since the first time Minecraft was featured on VGA, it has become a huge part of the show. The Minecraft AWESOME! server allows VGA-fans who have donated 5$ CAD participate in and explore themed builds.

The server does not allow duping or any types of cheats and memebers have been known to get banned for not following this rule (such as the McKongs, source). The only ones allowed to cheat are Fraser the almighty, all-smiting God of Minecraft and some of the mods (but only to i.e. give back lost material to players after they've died).

During live shows, a special white list is enforced to reduce server lag.

Minecraft AWESOME! Themed BuildsEdit

Theme / Name Aired No. of Parts Notes
Old West March 25th 6
Far East / Frasia April 8th 13
Atlantis / Beckyni Bottom April 29th 15
Giant World / Benormous 30th May 12.5
Dr. Seuss / Deactor Seuss 16th July 11
Future Build / Kyle July 31st and September 17th 18+14 Not limited to future theme, but all sci-fi. Last 14 parts dedicated to the Futurama part of the build.
The Simpsons September 21st 16
Trick or Treating October 19th 17
Halloween October 30th 32
The Simpsons Part 2 November 22nd 16
Genesis November 29th 9
Christmas December 22nd 22