Kinect Adventures


Fraser, Becky, Kyle, Deacon


Single player


January 4th 2011

No. of Parts


Kinect Adventures was the first Kinect title ever played on VGA.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

"Oh, man. I hurt. I'm a computer guy!" - Fraser

"The comments are gonna say stuff like either 'Let Deacon play!' or 'Don't let Becky ever not play'." - Fraser

  • Fraser: "Kinect has detected, you are an idiot."
  • Deacon: "You are a social retard."
  • Deacon: "I still remember the day at, um, in gym when like there was like a flying ball in the left field, or whatever. And I caught it, and I had to throw it back to my teacher and it completely went over his head by like forty feet. He was looking at me like he was so disappointed."
  • Fraser: "They looked at you and they were like: 'You're the strongest guy I've ever seen!'"
  • Kyle: "'You could go pro!'"

Notes on this episodeEdit

  • This episode was the first one that featured the gang standing up.

Links to this episodeEdit

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