Origins of Hank.

Hank is described by Calvin, a Starship Amazing affiliate, as the most manly name that a person can be called. Its also said that when a video game character is named by this name, he or she would become the strongest they could be, using the logic that a character is more powerful the more mainly his/her name is. The name hank can also vary depending on games and gender of the person in which is being used, most notable examples of Hank variations are: HANKo, HANKa, Hank™, The Legend of Hanka, and Baby Hank.

Baby Hank Edit

The former mascot of Video Games AWESOME! originated from the Baby Mama first impressions. Although it was a joke, Baby Hank became a staple of the show. Frasher's Yes girl and optimistic person, Becky Blow created variety of costumes for Baby Hank to fit the game they were showcasing. On the first week of September the TURBO BUDDY was introduced to the community and the Fanbase. The Turbo Buddy is loved for its simple design, but the beginning of that announcement, would close the curtains for Baby Hank. Baby Hank doll is not forgotten, the design has been moved to the Turbo Buddy. The original Baby Hank doll will make occasional appearances since creating costumes for the New Turbo Buddy will take time. Unfortunately over time The Turbo Buddy will replace the Baby Hank doll.