God of War 3


Fraser, Ben, Becky


Single player


September 26th 2011

No. of Parts


God of War 3 is the first game in the God of War series that Fraser has played through until the end. This episode contains an unexplainable amount of fart sounds.

This episode was recorded live at two different occasions, on September 19th and September 25th 2011.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

300px|right|Announcement video for the first God of War 3 live stream"You have rotated our disc of displeasure! Rotate it back, or we will be eternally displeased." - Fraser

  • Ben: "They're still talking about how young she is and how she's up my alley... If we're lucky, I'll be up her alley. Am I right?"
  • Fraser: "Her vagina alley! Her vagina!"
  • Ben: "I was talking about her butt."

Links to this episodeEdit

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