The combination of the word "Rage" and the name "Fraser", Frage is the state of mind that only a few people have ever managed to achieve, particularly Fraser. It is a state of being in which both mind and body become hostile and enraged to people or anything else around the person affected. This "Frage" can be activated by many actions often found in video games, such as Easter egg searching, Beedle Shopping Suggestions, Skyrim glitches, and tough levels in games such as VVVVVV.

On Fraser's second playthrough of Skyrim on Video Games Lonesome, Skyrim glitched out. When the game was reset, Fraser went on a rampage attacking everyone he could find nearby in the game with magic until he died from his weakness, "not being stabbed".

Frage can be seen in different levels of anger, which could be rated from 1% to 100%, when Fraser is in a normal state of frage (not angry or insulted) the frage meter is at 50%. Note: The level of frage has NEVER reached 100%, for if it did, the world would be destroyed by the explosion of space and time around the earth as well as all natural disasters popping up around the world, and lastly, Christmas being cancelled.

The Know Frage is when the Fraser turns a a nice shad of red and if he is lucky we will see a vein coming out of his neck from the intense rise of blood pressure.

  • Red face.
  • Unforseen hositily to helpful tips.
  • Player becomes silent.
  • Shaking video game controller for no reason.


  • Avoid Easter egg hunting.
  • Never call the subject a "Dickwad"
  • If going to Beedle's shop, SHOP.
  • No Deacon monument building
  • Current gen Sonic games