Dead Island


Fraser, Ben, Becky


Single player


September 7th 2011

No. of parts


VGA covered Dead Island on the show long before it was released on several Show and Trailers (sources) and they all seemed excited for it (mostly thanks to the trailer). Despite this, Fraser and Ben showed signs of disappointment basically as soon as they started playing. Unfortunately, the game had too many glitches, tedious side quests and wasn't engaging enough for Fraser's taste.

Initially, only Fraser and Ben are in this episode, but Becky joins in part five to spectate and help keep an eye on the chat. This episode was shot live on September 6th 2011. Fraser and Ben has also played this game co-operatively (link)

Quotes from this episodeEdit

"What's New Guinea?" - Fraser

  • Ben, pointing to the ocean: "Where's a pool? Is this a pool?"
  • Fraser: "Looks like the beach..."
  • Fraser: "Does anyone carry more than twelve dollars in his wallet?"
  • Ben: "Not in this economy."

"Ooh. 'Broomstick'. Aww, I was hoping it was a boomstick." - Fraser

"I love asians! When I make fun of them, it means I love them." - Ben

  • Ben, reading from the chat: "'This week on Dead Island: making duct tape wallets'."
  • Fraser: "[Australian accent] That's a right good wallet there, you got."
  • Ben: "[Australian accent] Yeah, you got a patch for your credit cards..."
  • Fraser: "[Australian accent] The bigger they are... you know the rest."
  • Ben: "[Australian/JFK accent] ...the harder they, um, err... now he's a goner!"

"[JFK accent] A job well done's a, err, uhm... way to kill them zombies!" - Ben

"I have like thirty rolls of duct tape... in my skirt!" - Fraser

  • Becky: "Where was she keeping that money?"
  • Ben: "In her crotch."
  • Fraser: "Yeah, we've already determined that."
  • Becky. "Oh. I should've know that, I'm a girl."
  • Fraser: "The zombies can't figure out how to push it open."
  • Ben: "Nope. They're not know for their... braaaaiiiinnnss!"

"'Ben is an amazing, well-spoken man who happens to suffer from dyslexic moments.' Thank you, that's very, very nice of you to say!" - Ben, reading the chat.

"Welcome to Video Games Awesome, we're playing Juice Quest." - Fraser

"Zombies greatest weakness... weak firewall." - Ben

  • Ben: "Zombie should've gotten extendend warranty."
  • Fraser: "But then you have to stay on hold and appointments takes weeks to make."
  • Ben: "Zombie doesn't have all day!"

"This game needs bet- more graphics! More graphics! And buttons." - Fraser

Notes on this episodeEdit

  • This was the first ever episode starring only Fraser and Ben (Becky only joined them for the last half of the episode).
  • The total death count for this episode is 15 (counting both Fraser and Ben's deaths).
  • The total "the bigger they are" count for this episode is 4.

Links to this episodeEdit

  1. Blistered Thumbs,
  2. YouTube (only part eight) - Glitchy Juice Box Fetch Quest - Dead Island is Awesome? - Part 8,