Bomberman Ultra


Fraser, Becky, Ben, Kyle, Deacon


5 player versus


August 31st 2011

No. of Parts


Bomberman Ultra is one of the few games where Deacon was given the chance to shine (although some of it may have been due to luck). This episode for some reason contains a lot of clucking.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

"Did we beat the menu? You beat the options!" - Deacon

  • Fraser: "Chris, I'm not letting you live with me."
  • Becky: "Why not, we let everyone else live with us?"
  • Deacon: "I wasn't allowed..."


"If only we had three more friends." - Becky

"I don't know strategy! Frick." - Fraser upon dying

"Hahaha! You have Fraser-rage!" - Fraser

  • Fraser, reading the chat: "Deacon is part lemming."
  • Deacon: "Which part?"
  • Fraser: "Oh, you can give each other infections too."
  • Kyle: "Yeah, you can."
  • Ben: "Just like in real life."
  • Ben: "Was that your bomb-trickery?"
  • Fraser: "I don't know. Sure wasn't my BUM-trickery!"
  • Ben: "No, I know what that looks like!"

"Eat bomb, douche!" - Ben

"I'm a weal wascally wabbit!" - Ben

Link to this episodeEdit

  1. Blistered Thumbs,
  2. YouTube (only part one) - Bomberman ULTRA is AWESOME!,